Member Benefits


ClanHope.Org E-Mail Account

Members who want an e-mail account and mailbox on Clan Hope Internet Site should contact
Marty Hope at


Genealogical Assistance
Requests for Hope family genealogical assistance and submitted materials should be sent
our Clan Genealogist, Richard R. Hope, at
or via USPS to:
Richard R. Hope
210 E Ponderosa DR
Goldendale WA 98620


Bi-monthly or quarterly Newsletter
A newsletter emphasizing items of interest to, and about, Clan Hope members;
items of Scottish and clan history; traditional Scottish recipes and member biographies.


Group Purchases on Hope Tartan Kilts and Other Scottish Wear
The Hope tartan in "not in weave", thus is not available from stock. It must be especially woven.
Clan Hope organizes group purchases of the tartan which lowers the price for all.


Family Related Notices On-Line
Any information for inclusion on the website should be sent to G. M. Hope;


Family Related Projects
We are currently seeking a member to serve as our Projects Chair.
This person would be responsible for organizing and conducting special projects
with assistance from the general membership and/or Projects Committee.