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Contact: Beth Hope-Cushey petfam14@gmail.com
Address: 625 Fourth Street Monongahela, PA 15063
(Rcvd. Monday, July 01st, 2019 at 7:27 pm.)
Query: My DNA is matching with James Hope in SC, Chester, Tennessee, but not with any of the Jennet Hope families. I feel there is a connection here somewhere I just can't find it. My ancestor settled in Mifflin Towhip, Allegheny County, around 1790 or earlier. He died in 1815 was married to an Elizabeth, she died in 1825. They had five children, Robert, Richard, Jane, Elizabeth and Margaret. He left no will and his son petitioned the court 40 years after his death and the other heirs for his property. Richard already had his property. My Thomas applied for revolutionary war benefits while living in here. He is buried in the Lebanon Church cemetery, though the stone is not readable, I found the family plot with his children. Since James was married three times, I was wondering if maybe he was one of his sons, or son of a brother. It is odd, I can't find anything on this Thomas, when all of my DNA matches are from Tennesse, South Caroline and North Carlolina. None of the matches are any of the other families in Chester County, PA. I have be missing something. Beth Hope-Cushey

Contact: Linda Peterson petfam14@gmail.com
(Rcvd.Monday, August 06th, 2018 at 5:18 pm.
Query: I am a 2nd great granddaughter of Henry Hope (1826-1891) and Harriet Smith (1826-1902). I grew up not far from where both are buried in York County, SC. My maternal grandfather, Charlie Caffen Gardner (1873-1978) was a son of Henry and Harriet's daughter, Sara P Hope Gardner. Elsewhere in my tree, I have another Henry Hope, who was my 3rd great grandfather. His family represents a significant brick wall. This Henry Hope was born sometime before 1800 and died between 1830-1840. In 1818, he married Phoebe Johnson in Lincoln County, NC. A Henry Hope is head of household in the 1810, 1820, and 1830 US Federal censuses in Lincoln County, NC. In the 1840 census, Phoebe Hope is head of household. I descend through their daughter, Susan Ann Hope (1834-1903). In 1856, Susan married John R Long (1834-1926). By 1880, they had also relocated to York County, SC. Beyond that, I know very little regarding the family of this Henry Hope. I would appreciate any information regarding the possible relationship between my two Henry Hopes, as well as any info regarding the ancestors of my 3rd great grandfather, Henry Hope (before 1800 - between 1830/1840). Thank you very much, Linda Peterson

Contact: David Gladders gladders@storm.ca
(Rcvd. Thursday, February 15, 2018 8:59 PM.
Query: Greetings... Our family is from Peebleshire, although somewhat distant. We crossed the borders to Lamesley Parish, England, at about 1620. We know the Gladda surname is associated with Peebleshire. Thought your genealogy research may have a broad reach that would provide answer to the origins of “Gladda". What say you…

Contact: Alan Hope a.hope70@ntlworld.com
(Rcvd. Saturday, February 10th, 2018 at 1:45 pm.
Query: George Hope born November 11 1915. Newcastle -upon- Tyne. Married Eleanor Horton 1941. My Ma and Pa. Sister Caroline Hope married Arthur Gough, also born Newcastle. Moved down south to Farnborough Hampshire where James, Marion and Elsie Hope were born. His Father James Henry Hope mother Elizabeth Haldon. Elizabeth had two sons already Thomas and John, with the surname of Archibald. If anyone is looking for a connection like that ! Any info that you can find would be most helpful.

Contact: Bettina Baumgärtel, bettina.baumgaertel@web.de
(Rcvd.Friday, February 17th, 2017 at 9:34 am.
Query: I am currently completing the catalogue raisonné of the paintings, drawing and prints by Angelica Kauffman (1741-1807). For further information about our Angelika Kauffmann Research Project AKRP see www.angelika-kauffmann.de Kauffman painted a portrait of Henry Colonel Hope (died 1789 Quebec), Govenor of Canada. I would be grateful to know, whether the portrait still exists in the collection of the Hope famely at Parkend Dumfriersshire. Could you please help me to come in contact with the owner of the portrait or to let me know, whom I could ask for further information (livingdates of Henry Hope etc.) and to receive a high res. image. Many thanks in advance, Bettina Baumgärtel Museum Kunstpalast Düsseldorf

Contact: John Ballantyne johnballantyne2011@hotmail.co.uk
(Rcvd. Saturday, January 21st, 2017 at 1:05 pm.
Query: Would you be able to provide me with contact details for A. J. B. Hope who has the website ajbhope.net? I have some informaion regarding the Hopes in Tweeedsmuir that I should like to pass on to him.

Contact: Arletta Wilson awilson105@Cox.net   Address: 4544 SW 101st Terr, Augusta, Kansas, 67010-8229
(Rcvd. Thursday, March 17th, 2016 at 6:19 am.)
Query: Looking for parents of James Hope 13 July 1779,Ireland. Married Isabella Abbie Smith b. 1783 York,SC.. Resided in SC, Tn. Ms. La. buried in Tangipahoa Parish La. Parents of c. 12 children.

Contact: Emily Hope aesir24@hotmail.com   Address: 168A Ridley Place, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R2Y 1E6
(Rcvd. Wednesday, October 28th, 2015 at 4:46 am.)
Query: I am searching for the parents of Thomas Hope in the hope of being able to further trace his line. I haven't been able to find anything currently available to me on Ancestry but hope that someone may have information that I don't. Thomas Hope Born 1809(?) in Barnet, Hertfordshire, England (now part of London) Died on December 20, 1858 in Northampton, Northamptonshire, England He was married to Mary Collison (b:1822 d: after 1881) and (he) died just five months after the birth of my great-great grandfather, Reuben Hope.

Telephone Number: 01749 672826
(Rcvd. Monday, April 06th, 2015 at 4:08 am.)
Query: I was born in Edinburgh Scotland on 14/11/1953.... My fathers name was Francis Hope. My mother was Edna Sparrey . My grandfather was David Hope. I had an Auntie who was my fathers sister Catherine Hope. My father was born approx 1910 and died apprcx 1982 in Galashiels Scotland. I desperately want to build a family tree . Any help would be greatly appreciated. My last address in Scotland was 48 Market Street , Galashiels , Selkirkshire Scotland. I left Scotland in 1971 . I was educated at Galashiels Academy. I found out about you in the October Scottish Banner . Thankyou , Bill

Contact: Deirdre Elizabeth-Ann MacGuire, nee Hope Nelson deirdre.macguire@gmail.com   Address: 2 Judge's Lodging, 19 New Street, Wells. Somerset BA5 2LD  Telephone Number: 61 435839545 FOR OSEAS 0435839545 FOR MOBILE IN AUSTRALIA
(Rcvd. Monday, October 26th, 2015 at 11:06 pm.)
Query: My great grandmother Margaret Hope was married to Sir William Nelson Ist bart. of Acton Park They double barreled the surnames and the Hopes of Gartlandstown arms were quartered with the Nelson. I am having trouble attributing a father to Margaret. Debretts merely say that she was daughter of Michael Hope of Gartlandstown. The research of A B J Hope shows her to have been the daughter of Christopher Hope, Michael's son. My problem is that Christopher is only 13 years older than Margaret and if she was Michael's, his wife would have been 60 when she gave birth. I am pretty sure Margaret's dates, b1879 d 1932. are accurate. I would be delighted if someone could solve this mystery for me. kind regards Deirdre MacGuire

Contact: danakochan@yahoo.com   Address: 1090 Bradford Place Bishop, GA 30621 Telephone Number: 706-363-6810
(Rcvd. Friday, December 06th, 2013 at 12:33 pm)
Query: I am looking for the parents and further if possible of my 5th great grandfather James Hope: James Hope Birth Nov 1777 in Stauton, Augusta, Virginia Death Sep 05, 1840 in Knox, Tennessee, USA This is his wife, whose parents are known: Barsheba Bersheba Walker View relationship to me Birth Apr 13, 1779 in Burke, North Carolina Death 1842 in Knox, Tennessee, USA My line is where his daughter married into the McCaleb (my maiden name) family. Her name was: Susannah Hope View relationship to me Birth Dec 02, 1802 in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA Death ............................ in ............................ She married James Newton McCaleb 1808 ­ 1906 He was my 3rd great grandfather.

Contact: gracehmeek@gmail.com  
(Rcvd. Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 at 1:48 pm)
Query: The first appearance of the name Hope occurred with my 3rd great grandfather, James Hope Meek. His grandmother, Agnes Hope Meek (b.1757) was the daughter of James Hope (b. 1705). I've hit a bit of a stumbling block in going forward because I've found conflicting reports of James Hope's parentage. It stands to reason that his father could have been Thomas Hope (b.1670) but his wife seems to have been Elizabeth Stanfield Hope and reports don't seem to agree about whether they had children. Any help would be appreciated.

Contact: David Blankinsop  
Address: 2205 Harney Road, Littlestown, PA
(Rcvd. Monday, June 10th, 2013 at 8:28 am)
Query: My Name is David Blankinsop. I have ancestors that come from Halthwistle and Northumberland. My line is from Blenkins Hope or Blenkinsop. I am curious to see if I have any ancestral ties to the Hope Clan or if this is just a coincidence. Would it be worthwhile for me to submit my DNA to your database or/have you already proven any relations to Blenkinsop's or Blankinsop's. Thank you, David Blankinsop

Contact: Myriam Thompson Barale  
Address: 409 Sewickley Street, Greensburg, PA 15601
(Rcvd. Saturday, January 12th, 2013 at 11:03 am)
Query: I am the great great granddaughter of Bertram Hope 1854 - 1894 married to Amy Toogood 1869 - 1827. I am looking for further information about him. He was born in Carlisle and passed away in Sydney. He is the son of Joseph Hope and Mary Ann Castle. They all lived at the Whooff House in Aglionby near Carlisle. Does anyone have any photos or infomation about them. I have also heard of link to the Earl of Hopetoun, and that Bertam was the Aid de Camp for John Adrian Louis Hope, 7th Earl of Hopetoun.. this has been an old family rumor. Any info or search advice would be welcomed. I am also on ancestry.com.au under Myridan and Barale Family Tree.

Contact: Kim Mabee  
Address: 15 van buren lane, Scotia, NY 12302
(Rcvd. Saturday, January 05th, 2013 at 6:41 pm)
Query: Hello--- I just purchased a membership for our daughter and son in law as a gift---- Joseph and Amanda Hope--- I have been working on Joey's family genealogy for some time---- his line is similar to #34 Daniel Hope's -- they are also descended from Clifton Hope of St. Michael's Maryland--- what I am looking for is help, or if anyone knows of their line back further? after Clifton, I have Daniel Jr. the same, then Daniel Sr. born born November 19, 1783 in Amsterdam Netherlands, died June 7, 1859 Maryland-- he was married to a Catherine Cline/Cain --- we also have a story that Daniel was with his family crossing from the Netherlands, and the parents and a sister died due to being becalmed and a lack of water--- only he and his brother David survived, landing in Baltimore ---- but I don't know where this story came from, or how to find out more--- I have read about the branch of the Hopes that moved to Holland working in the export business in the 1700s --- Hope diamond too---- perhaps this branch is from them? Can you help? Many thanks, Kim Mabee (we just recently learned that the Mabees are from the MacLean Clan--- but there is a Mabie Forest near Dumfries and Galloway! )

Contact: Glen Beveridge  
Address: 409 Sewickley Street, Greensburg, PA 15601
(Rcvd. Sunday, December 30th, 2012 at 10:26 pm)
Query: Is the Beveridge sur name associaed with the Hope Clan?

Contact: Beverly Hope  
Address: 3801 N. 7th Avenue, Apt. 11B, Phoenix, AZ 85013
(Rcvd. Friday, August 24th, 2012 at 12:24 pm.)
One of the Hopes that came over from Durham, England (James Hope and Jane Shaw Hope about 1843)


Re: George Henry Hope, MD, MRCM, Born c. 1815

Contact: Bob Knight  
Address: 13, Lakeside Avenue, Sawley, Long Eaton, Derbyshire NG10 3GJ
Telephone Number: 01159731007
(Rcvd. 15 Aug 2012 )

George Henry Hope MD practised as a Doctor and Midwife in the Walton on the Hill area of Liverpool UK in the 1850s and 60s. In 1851 my great great grandmother Mary Charlotte Knight was working as a domestic servant for a Mr and Mrs Alsopp in West Derby, Liverpool only a couple of miles from Walton on the Hill. Although now within the City they would then have been separate outlying communities or suburbs. In Dec 1852 Mary gave birth to my great grandfather, George Henry Hope Knight ,out of wedlock, at Holmebrook House, a farm in Aldcliffe near Lancaster. I can find no link between Holmebrook and Mary. I think that George Henry Hope MD may have delivered or even fathered my great grandfather as the naming link is so strong. Any information linking these people and places would be appreciated. We would also like to know what our 'real' family name should be !
Thanks, Bob


Contact: Richard Duffield  
Address: 5 elms court 46 new dover road canterbury kent ct1 3dt uk
Telephone Numbers: 01227 786 242
(Rcvd. May 09th, 2012 )



Contact: Margaret Stewart  

(Rcvd. 06 May 2012 )

My gggrandmother was Susanna Hope born in Carlisle in 1803 parents Joseph Hope 1776 - 1846 and Sarah Latimer 1777 -1829. She married William Doeg (!802 - 1877) in 1834 She died 29th Sept 1875. Soiblings:- Robert b 1806, Joseph b 1808, John b 1810, Joan 1814, Sarah and Thomas 1816, Elizabeth 1818, Children:- Joseph Hope b 1835, Charles b 1837, William 1837, Emily Jane 1838-1838 , Ida 1840, Alfred 1842, Emily 1843-1843, Frederick 1845, Latimer 1848.
Family story has it that there was a close connection with the then Earl - perhaps through her grandparents - and I am trying to find out if this is true, and if so, how are they related. I do understand that a branch of the Hopes moved to the Carlisle - another down to Bristol I believe. However, my investigations are hampered by the number of Hopes around! These Hopes do seem to have had some money. The Carlisle ares of Scotby and Kirklinton seem to come up. I would appreciate it if you have any information that could help me.
Thank you,
Margaret Stewart


Contact: Joseph Hope palmer  

Address: PO Box 41567, Moreleta Ridge, Pretoria 0044, South africa
Telephone Numbers: +27825576031 +27123555543 (office)
(Rcvd. 12/21/2011)

I am looking for more information on the following Hope ancestor: George Robert Hope (1800s) - (I assume that his father's name was Joseph Arthur Hope)
I have the following information: He came to South Africa somewhere in the second half of the 1800s. His son Joseph Arthur Hope (my grandfather) was born in South Africa in 1883. I was told that he (George Robert Hope) came from Scotland to South Africa with port of entry either Port Elisabeth, East London or Durban.
This is unfortunately all I have to go on for now.
PLEASE assist.
Thank you and kind regards,
Joe Palmer


Contact: Emily Hope  

Address: 168A Ridley Place, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R2Y 1E6
Telephone Numbers: 204-832-2729
(Rcvd. 10/4/2011)

I've been trying to trace the genealogy of my paternal grandfather for some time. But unfortunately we've found very little, only going back a few generations. Anyway, my grandfather's name was Bertie Hope and he was born on January 1, 1920. His parents were George Hope and Ellen Elizabeth Thompson. He emigrated from Northampton, England to Canada some time after the Second World War. He married Wanda Gertrude Dennis and he died in June of 1985 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. So I'm afraid that we don't even know if we do have Scottish ancestry. Do you know of any reliable sources where we can find more about my grandfather's family? I've used the Ancestry genealogical site but as I said, it's yielded little information. If you can offer me any assistance at all then it would be a great help. But if you choose to ignore this then that is fine as well. Also, if you know the name of Polly Elizabeth Ellen St. Ledger (1868-1913, also married to Frederick Thompson) and who her parents might be, that would be equally helpful.


Contact: John William Hope  

Address: 142 tuggerawong road,WYONGAH, NSW, 2259,AUSTRALIA
(Rcvd. 7/31/2011)

Do I fit anywhere?


Contact: Henry Kayley  

Address: 57 Manchester rRoad ,Hapton ,NR Burnley ,Lancashire ,England, post code bb12 7lf
(Rcvd. 12/23/10)

Hello need to contact Hope Stanley Genealogist in Hertford North Carolina re a watch. Thank you H.Kayley


Contact: Henry Kayley  

Address: 57 Manchester Road ,Hapton ,NR Burnley ,Lancashire ,England, post code bb12 7lf
(Rcvd. 12/23/10)

Hello,I have an old pocket watch that belonged to my grandfather,the Hope clan in Scotland informs me that Clan Hope in America has adopted the logo and motto engraved on the back of the watch:-a rainbow with clouds at each end,a globe with a rent in the left hand side,over a bar with diagonal lines,over a ribbon with the words {at-specs non fracta}. my family name is Kayley and grandad died around 1962 --1963, and this watch had been hande down from his father. so are there instances of Hopes around Lancashire or Yorkshire that have moved to America. thank you H.Kayley


Contact: Susan Jewell  

Telephone Numbers: 0426512766
(Rcvd. 12/5/10)

Mother's family name is Hope



Telephone Numbers: 0426512766
(Rcvd. 11/26/10)



Re: Who was George Hope?

Contact: Margaret Dillard  

Telephone Numbers: 864 834-4415
(Rcvd. 11/19/10)

This is in response to the question "Who was George Hope" and also regarding Craven County, SC. I find no George Hope in the descendants of James Hope which I have. There may be some missing. But Craven County was not on the coast. It encompassed the northern half of the Colony of SC in 1750. Google a map of Craven Co., for 1750 and you shall find this. There are several William Hopes who were grandsons of James (1705) but none born in 1769.


Re: Hope Clan or Welsh Ancestry?

Contact: Rich Hopes  

Telephone Numbers: 225-936-4890
(Rcvd. 7/16/10)

My brother James Hopes recently visited Scotland and informed me that part of my heritage is from the Hope clan. I had been told by my grandfather that his family migrated to USA from Northern Wales. Is there anyway to confirm this linkage?


Re: John Mason Hope, Jr. Ancestry?

Contact: John Paul Hope  
5711 Rusk Ave.
Baltimore, Maryland 21215 - USA
Telephone Numbers: 443-838-0158
(Rcvd. 5/25/10)

My fathers name is John Mason Hope, Jr. as was his fathers name. My father was born in Malba, N.Y. in 1940. I was born in Huntington, N.Y. in 1972. That is all I know at this point.


Re: Who was George Hope of Craven Co, SC and where did his sons go?

Contact: Jerry Castleman  
1905 Pepperwood Pl
Brandon FL
Telephone Numbers: (813) 685-5234
(Rcvd. 8/29/09)

My last proven ancestor was William Hope (1769 SC-1856 GA). I thought he was grandson of James Hope (1705-1776 SC), but can find no proper son/father. My Y-DNA even supports being in line of James Hope. LDS archives say my proven William (1769) was born Beaufort Co, SC but do not trust LDS and a son of James (1705) could have migrated South. Just found George Hope with land grant in Craven Co, SC dated 1772. Map research shows Craven area now part of Berkley or Charleston County, SC. If my William came out of Beaufort/Charleston area, only logical he was through George with 1772 land Grant on Santee River. Who was George Hope of Craven Co, SC and where did his sons go?


Re: Elizabeth Hope m. Joseph Cloud ca 1790, PA

Contact: Charles Brady  
(Rcvd. 8/17/09)

There was an Elizabeth Hope who married a Joseph Cloud abt 1790 in Concord Meeting, Delaware Co., PA. I believe she is the daughter of Amos Hope (grandson of John Hope and Ann Willets and son of John Hope and Elizabeth Hobson) but I am only going by the names of their children. Son Amos, son Marshall (after the maiden name of Eliz. mother), dau. Hannah (after Eliz. grandmother). I have not been able to find any info to verify this. Thanks for any help.


Re: Henrietta Hope/South African Hopes.

vContact: Marjorie McGill,
6169 Carl Sandburg Circle
Sacramento, CA 95842
(Rcvd. 5/3/09)

I'm researching my ancestry and just found out my grt-grt-grandmother is Henrietta Hope, born 1828 in Cape Town, South Africa. She married my grt-grt-grandfather, Thomas Penn, at Shenstone, Staffordshire, Worcestershire County, England. If anyone has any additional information on the Hope family from Cape Town moving to Worcestershire, England, I would appreciate it. Thank you.


Re: South African Hopes.

Contact: Zelia Hope,
Box 72245 Lynnwood Ridge
0040, South Africa
(Rcvd. 3/2/09)

Seeking any information on Hope family members that emigrated to SOUTH AFRICA. My father was Robert Arthur Hope, son of Joseph Arthur Hope, son of George Robert Hope.


Re: Descendents of Thomas Hope.

121 Windemere Dr,
Hertford, NC 27944
Telephone Number: 1-252-426-3830
(Rcvd. 1/28/09)

Looking for Descendents of Thomas Hope born Nov. 27th, 1790 Hampton, Virginia married Mary Jones in Hampton. Ha children Thomas M (Poss, Meredith) Hope, Rebecca Hope married Dr M L Brooks of Cleveland, Ohio and Alex Hope. family said they might have gone to Calf. from Ohio. Thanks for any help


Re: Seeking information on Hopes.

Contact: Caroline Hope,
1899 Stewart Farm Road,
Henderson NC 27537
(Rcvd. 1/20/09)

Hello, I am totally new to genealogy and just moved to North Carolina to be closer to my family. I am very interested in researching the Hope line and would really appreicate any information or help you could give... I have no clue what I am doing and am hitting a lot of brick walls.. Thank you so much for your time..


Re: Seeking any information on Hugh Smith Hope b. 1830 S.C. d. 1879 Harrison Co. Texas.
Contact: Linda Barbee Wilhite,
711 Co. Rd. 3565,
China Spring, Texas 76633,
Telephone #: 254-836-4549
(Rcvd. 6/30/08)

Trying to make a connection to Hugh Smith Hope b. 1830 S.C. d. 1879 Harrison Co. Texas. He had a son Abner McNabb Hope b. 1840 Texas. There is a son on the 1850 Harrison Co. Tex. ints A. M. Hope age 10 b.pl. Texas. On the 1880 census Robertson Co. Texas There is a A. M. Hope or Abner Hope born the same year as the one on the 1850 census. Could this be the same person? If so, on that census it shows a son A.G. Hope b.1879. I have followed the trail of this A. G. as to be Andrew George Hope. He is my direct line into the Hope family. He and his family have lived in Limestone Co. and Falls Co. Texas. I have no family members with any of my answers so I am posting Queries . Help would be greatly appreciated. I have further information on this family if interested. e-mail is my best way of commucation. Thank you, Linda


Re: My grandmother Elizabeth Hope.

Contact: Helen
(Rcvd. 6/20/08)

This is what I have. Any connections?
Richard Hope born 1821 in Leigh Lancashire England married Ann Gee born 1819 Lancashire England. They had a daughter Alice Hope born 1851 and a son Charles Hope born 1847 who married Alice Parkinson born 1848. Charles had daughters Jane b.1870, Elizabeth b.1880, Ellen 1882. And sons Thomas b.1868, John b.1874, and Richard 1874. Richard Hope married Elizabeth Massey. They had 3 daughters Elizabeth 1901 (my Grandmother), Gladys 1905 and Doris 1907. All born in Leigh Lancashire England.


Re: Jacob HOPE b 1806 Ireland

Contact: Barbara Hope Lamphier
(Rcvd. 2/2/08)

At long last, after 78 years and 7 months, I recieved my birth certificate. Albeit I'm shown as female HOPE, I learned in mid-January my birth mothers name. I had already established which HOPE family was correct and now I wish to delve deeper into this family. This is what I know.

Female Hope, later named Bernice b 1929 Manhattan, NY city, NY Mother: Iris HOPE b 1909 Binghamton, Broome, NY, d Dec 1977-Hampton Bays, Suffolk, NY

Grandfather: Samuel Everette HOPE b 4 Dec 1878, Brooklyn, NY, d 30 June 1946, Greenport, Suffolk, NY Beatrice Madeline Denison

Great Grandfather: James S HOPE b 1833, Philadelphia, Pa., d 1902 Holtsville, Brookhaven, Suffolk, NY Adeline Eliza Mott

Great-Great-grandfather: Jacob HOPE b 1806 Ireland, d bef 1860, Philadelphia, PA Hester Mathews

Who's next, where do we go from here? Can anyone connect to this family?


Re: William Hope B. ca 1770 SC(?)

Contact: Jerry Castleman
(Rcvd. 2/2/08)

William Hope bc1770 SC? m Celia Wright? and Sheba Davis, lived Liberty Co, GA and died c1856. Sons John, William Jr and Henry went to Florida 1832. Strongly suspect William bc1770 was grandson of James Hope (1705-1776) and most likely candidates are Samuel and John.


Re: Ernest Hope Cooke TX
Contact: Mary Cooke
(Rcvd. 4/19/07)

I have a connection to the Hope name through my grandfather, his name was Ernest Hope Cooke. he was born in Durham, Eng. the son of Matthew Hope Cooke this is as far as I can get. My grandfather was adopted by an aunt & her husband in Newcastle when his father was going to South Africa as an architect. It is said they had a hotel or something in Newcastle but not sure about that. When my grandfather got older he wanted to change his name back. His aunt said he could as long as the name Hope be kept in the family forever. I thought some one might have a similar story in the family. Thank-you for any help at all even if it is a suggestion.


Re: Hugh Hope Allison/Ellison b. 1794, Rutherford Co,TN

Contact: Scherry Chapman

(Rcvd. 1/23/06)

Our stonewall is with Hugh Hope Allison/Ellison born in 1794 in Rutherford county, TN according to an Allison family bible. However, I believe that at the time, that part of TN was in NC. He is on the 1820 census in Murfreesboro, Rutherford county and has a marriage registration to Nancy Ann Becton as Hugh Ellison in 1820. There is a Joseph Allison in that county at that time but don't know of his connection if there is one. Our Hugh and Nancy used the Hope name for two of their children. We believe that there must be a Hope connection but haven't been able to make it so far. I know that Margaret Hope married an Allison but can't find the correct birth dates for their children that fit with our Hugh Hope. Hugh left Rutherford county around 1835 for Gibson county, TN. According to Church records in Gibson county. He purchased land in MS in 1841 and later died in MS.1842. His will is recorded in Gibson county but does not mention his family. His widow and 5 of his 10 children moved to Cherokee county, TX by 1850. They were living near Nancy Becton's father, Frederick Edwin Becton in 1854 in Texas. Their only surviving son, Edwin Thomas H. Allison b. 1834, is my great grandfather. Thanks so much for any help or clues on this family search.


Re: John Hope, b. 1791, North Carolina.

Contact: Marty Hope
(Rcvd. 1/19/06)

Seeking to verify birth location of John Hope B Oct 3, 1791. Records indicate NC but it might be York, SC, as boundary between NC/SC for that period was not fixed. We know that John married Margaret (last name unknown) who was B Nov 20,1797 in NC. John & Margaret's fist two children were born in SC and were Archibald H. B May 20, 1823 and Jane A. B Feb 9, 1813. John Hope moved from York, SC to Alabama in 1830 and was a farmer.


Re: Robert Milton Hope, b. 1740, Scotland.

Contact: Marty Hope
(Rcvd. 1/19/06)

Seeking any information on Robert Milton Hope, B Scotland about 1740, married Catherine Allison, B 1750 at Hopetoun daughter of Hugh Allison and Margaret ? Robert & Catherine's 1st child is John Hope B Oct 3, 1791 in NC. Robert & Catherine emigrated to NC/SC (suspect area of York, SC). Robert may have been a physician.


Re: Christian Hope, Virginia.

Contact: Don Hope
(Rcvd. 1/13/06)

We have traced our Hopes back as far as early 1800's in Loudoun County, Virginia. I am Donald Alan Hope. My father was Ronald Alexander Hope, son of Charles Randolph Hope. Charles Randolph's father was James Hope, son of John Alexander Hope. We believe John Alexander's father was Christian Hope, but we can't go any further. We would appreciate any information on how and when these Hopes came over to America and any other information on their origins.


Re: James Thomas Hope, b. 1793, Virginia.

Contact: G.M. Hope
(Rcvd. 1/13/06)

I am trying to find the parents of my great great grandfather, James Thomas Hope. James Thomas was born in 1793 in Virginia and lived in Front Royal. He was the proprietor of the Hope and Haynie Mill. James Thomas was married to Phoebe White in Frederick Co. in 1825. James Thomas stated that his father was born in Virginia and his mother in Maryland (1870 census). James Thomas had only one son, George Henry Hope, who produced children. An older son died young and, as far as I know, unmarried. He had a number of daughters. Two married a Hutchins and a Little from Georgia and a third married a Moffat, possibly from Maryland - they lived in Maryland later. Any assistance with the ancestry of this family would be appreciated.