WR780 Hope-Vere Family Tartan


There is no single right or wrong tartan for anyone and there are several tartans associated with the Hope surname.
This is the most popular Tartan of Clan Hope and what we generally wear.

One authority for the weave of the Hope-Vere, WR780 is the book, 'Clan Originaux', published in Paris in 1880 by J. Claude Fres Et Cie (http://www.tartans.scotland.net/tartan_info.cfm@tartan_id=2223.htm).

If you are unfamaliar with the do's and don't's of wearing the kilt, laws/customs concerning the Coat of Arms, Clan Crest or Badge, etc., suggested reading is"So you're going to wear the kilt" by J. Charles Thompson 3rd edition

Our Tartan is "not in weave" meaning it isn't readily availble in general retail outlets that might stock other tartans for other clans. However we have been able to secure an order of 55 yards of 13 oz tartan woven in the UK at an excellent price and have distributed half to Alexis Malcolm Kiltmaker in Florida, USA and half to St Kilda Retail in QLD, Australia, so they both have stock of our tartan which can be made into kilts, sashes, skirts, etc. The quality and service from both kilt makers is excellent!