WR780 Hope-Vere Family Tartan


There is no single right or wrong tartan for anyone and there are several tartans associated with the Hope surname, this is the most popular Tartan of Clan Hope.

One authority for the weave of the Hope-Vere, WR780 is the book, 'Clan Originaux', published in Paris in 1880 by J. Claude Fres Et Cie (http://www.tartans.scotland.net/tartan_info.cfm@tartan_id=2223.htm).

If you are unfamaliar with the do's and don't's of wearing the kilt, laws/customs concerning the Coat of Arms, Clan Crest or Badge, etc., suggested reading is"So you're going to wear the kilt" by J. Charles Thompson 3rd edition

Our Tartan is "not in weave" meaning each order is custom woven. The usual minimum order is 16 yards. Several members might want to go in together to help reduce costs. Several of us recently did this. You are of course free to have it woven by whomever you choose but a number of us jointly placed an order with ALEXIS MALCOLM KILTMAKER (http://www.alexismalcolmkilts.com/) who had the Tartan woven in Scotland and made the kilts, sashes, skirts, etc. The quality and service were excellent!