HOPE DNA Surname Project


We would like to introduce you to the Hope DNA Surname Project at Family Tree DNA . The project and current results are described on the Private Hope DNA Surname Web Page and/or FTDNA Hope Project web page hosted on the Family Tree DNA site.

The Hope Surname Project investigates DNA from the Y-Chromosome, mtDNA, based on the mothers DNA, and The Family Finder test, based on autosomal DNA.

Y-DNA is only carried by males and passed from fathers to sons for millennia with relatively infrequent modifications (mutations). Y-DNA testing is a relatively new way to uncover genealogical information about your Hope line, relate it to other Hope lines, and identify your "deep ancestral origins" - the ancient origins of your Y-Chromosomes and the regions through which your ancestors migrated in pre-history. More detailed information about DNA and genealogy can be found on the Family Tree DNA site. Females who want the genealogical data available from Y-DNA testing should encourage their male Hope fathers, cousins, brothers, uncles, or nephews to have their DNA tested within the project.

The mtDNA tests are comprised of HVR1, HVR2 and the "coding region". The full test is termed the "full sequence" test and tests HVR1, HVR2 and the coding region. You can test only the HVR regions separately though. mtDNA mutates very infrequently thus you may match people from several hundred years ago. mtDNA can be determined from either male or female children and will reflect the mothers meDNA. Unfortunately, the infrequency of the mutations makes it much harder to apply this test to genealogy but it can help.

The Family Finder test is appropriate for both males and females and tests across genders. It purports to be capable of detecting relationships some four to five generations back. It does find up to fourth or fifth cousins and even more distant relations.

The Hope Surname Project now has forty-seven male Hope participants tested for Y-DNA tracking the male line, sixteen females or males tested for mtDNA, tracking maternal lines, and four non-Hope male participants in the Y-DNA portion of the project. A number of our participants have matched (three or fewer mutations) allowing us to, tentatively, group them into a "line" from a single male progenitor somewhere back in time. Three groups of two or three participants each have also matched adequately to suggest three additional common Hope ancestral lines. A number of our participants have pushed their lines back several generations through interaction with relatives newly discovered through DNA testing. If it hasn't occurred to you yet, all of the unmatched participants are available to perhaps match you!

We invite interested Hope males to submit DNA samples for analysis under the project. The DNA test is simple and easy. FTDNA provides you with a test kit. You wipe the insides of your cheeks with a couple of swabs provided in the kit, place the swabs into the provided receptacles and mail them back to FTDNA. Painless, quick and simple. Please consider submitting your DNA sample for analysis. The more participants we have, the more we all benefit. To Join the project, go to the Hope Surname Project sign-up page. Scroll down to the form on the bottom of the page and fill in the information. There is a significant price discount (included in prices shown on the form) if one orders their tests under a surname project. For additional information, contact:

G.M. Hope, Administrator
Hope DNA Surname Project
4875 SW 19th Way
Gainesville FL 32608
(352) 371-2795