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Officially Recognized by The Late Hereditary Chief of Clan Hope
Sir John Carl Alexander Hope, 18th Bt. of Craighall
and also by the

Current Chief: Sir Alexander Archibald Douglas Hope, OBE, 19th Bt. of Craighall, Chief of the Name and Arms of Hope, Chief of Clan Hope


Craighall Seal and document from Sir John Hope, Sir Thomas Hope's son, and written in the year 1636

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Clan Hope of Craighall Society Newsletter

Clan Hope - Naidheachdan Dňchas - Hope News Newsletter will continue to be sent to Active Members on a bi-monthly basis.
Ours Newsletter Editor Maggie Hope Tucker, has published our first newsletter for 2024 which was emailed recently to Active Members.

We welcome contributions for the newsletter by clan members. This can be stories about your family line, events you may be planning or have recently held, announcement of Scottish and Celtic events, recipes, stories as well as photos that might illustrate your contribution.

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The Hope Surname DNA Project 

For several years there has been an ongoing project to collect DNA from those persons bearing the Hope surname. The project is conducted through Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) and is currently administered by George Marion Hope and Richard R Hope.

With FTDNA we are able to identify all of the different haplogroups that the different Hopes are related to, separate each Hope into their correct haplogroup and identify the relationship distance between all of the Hope’s currently in the project. Although FTDNA is similar to other DNA tests such as ancestry.com it is not the same and the data obtained by both tests is not 100% compatible.

As most of you know the Hope surname originated as a place name so we we should and do find different DNA in the different Hope family groups. To date FTDNA has identified 20 different haplogroups in our participants. Surprisingly, the majority of our participants fall into only two haplogroups the largest group is the Craighall line which is related to the Chief of Clan Hope, the second largest group is the Viking line which traces back to Norway. Both groups have been indigenous to the Scottish/English border for hundreds of years and are still represented there. Members of both groups can now be found in England, Scotland, Canada, Australia and the USA.

The remaining 18 groups are currently found in Ireland and the USA, three groups are indigenous to Ireland, the Hopes of Westmeath can be traced back to the 12th century. A fourth group from the Craighall line is also found in Ireland. The remaining 15 groups are found in the USA and only have one or two samples in each haplogroup. We call these orphan groups since they are only found in the USA and in most cases can not be traced back to Europe.

Many people think that the Hope surname DNA project is part of Clan Hope however it is a totally separate organization, that said there is definitely a symbiotic relationship between the two programs.

For those of you who have participated in the FTDNA Hope surname DNA project it is recommended that you sign into FTDNA an least once a year to review your test results, they can and sometimes do change, also look at your access authorization, when you set up your FTDNA account you set the level of access to your information by the administrators, most accounts should be set at “limited” which give the administrators access to your data but limits what they can do with it. The “minimum” and “advanced “ access should seldom be used. If no one in your direct family line has never participated in the FTDNA Hope surname DNA project please consider doing so, you may be surprised at what you will find out about your families histories.

Also, if you have done a DNA test through another company please submit the date to FTDNA, although not a perfect match it will provide valuable data to FTDNA and the Hope surname DNA project administrators. The Hope surname DNA project has been a success, we have connected family members across the oceans plus we have connected members of the same family, brothers and sisters who did not know they had siblings. Our success to-date has been because of everyone’s participation in the project.
Post by Richard R Hope

Special discount on kilts and kilted skirts for Clan Hope of Craighall Society members

We've reduced the price for our 13oz clan tartan material handled through Alexis Malcolm Kilts.
The price is $50.00USD per meter plus her fee plus shipping and handling.
Thus a kilt would be $200.00 for the material plus for $250.00 Alexis Malcolm Kilts for a total of $450.00USD plus shipping.
This matches the price of $600.00AUD + GST St. Kilda Retail in Australia charges for their kilts in our tartan.
Cost for small items will be prorated from the $50.00 per meter price.

We will be offering to Clan Hope of Craighall Society members in good standing i.e. dues paid, a one time 5% discount on the purchase of a kilt and/or kilted skirt, regardless of whether purchased through Alexis Malcolm Kilts or St. Kilda Retail.
The purchaser will just need to submit their receipt to the Clan board of directors.
This discount will apply for up to two items, kilts or kilted skirts, purchased at the same time by Clan Hope of Craighall Society members.
Non members will pay full price.
Purchases can be made directly at either of our kilt maker's websites please click on the links above or Kilt Makers in the side menu.

Commissioner for the state of South Australia

Maggie Hope Tucker has been appointed as the Commissioner for the state of South Australia
Maggie has been our Newsletter Editor since the beginning of 2023 and kindly accepted the additional role of Commissioner.
We welcome Maggie for stepping forward to take on this additional role and know she will represent the clan in South Australia with the same dedication and diligence she has brought to the Newsletter

Clan Hope of Craighall Society Webmaster

Eric Hope of North Carolina has accepted the role as Webmaster
The website has been needing to be updated to work with modern devices such as cell phones and tablets for quite some time
Eric will be developing a totally new website which, when ready, he will bring online to replace this current site but still using the same URL link of www.clanhope.org